EZ Saver Rewards Saves Money Keeping Easy Saver Cancellations A Thing Of The Past

A friend recently told me that she planned to cancel her ez saver rewards membership. Money has been tight for her family, and she didn’t feel like she could afford the low monthly fee. I reminded her of the hundreds of dollars she has saved over the years on a variety of products and services. I also asked her if the savings covered the monthly membership fee. It did, and she began to reconsider her decision to fill out an easy saver cancellations form. I also told her about the many ways I have learned to save money through my easysaver rewards membership, including:

Home Improvements – The ez saver rewards membership we belong to partners with more than a few national home improvement stores. Whenever I need to buy anything related to the home, from paint to patio furniture to a new vacuum cleaner, I pair the purchase with my easysaver rewards program membership for significant savings. I reminded my friend that she had several home improvement projects unfinished and that if she filled out the easy saver cancellations form, she would be costing herself money in the long run.

Dinner and a Movie – My ez saver rewards membership makes it possible for my husband and I to have a night out on the town every week. I order discounted movie tickets through the program, along with gift certificates at less than face value for our favorite restaurants. She had never used this particular part of the easysaver rewards program we both belong to, and her eyes lit up when she heard about it. At this point, I saw that she was reconsidering filling out an easy saver cancellations form.

Travel – I use my ez saver rewards membership to plan our vacations. Not only do we save money on cruises and spa getaways, but our program comes with access to a trip planner. The planner recommends hotels, and even restaurants in the cities we visit. While my friend won’t be able to afford a spa getaway anytime soon, she does travel back to the east coast to see her elderly parents twice a year. When they bring the entire family, she finds that staying in a hotel suits everyone best. She had not considered the impact filling out the easy saver cancellations form would have on that part of her life.

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Easy Saver Rewards Provides Great Benefits And Easy Ways To Cancel My Easy Saver Rewards

Two years ago, I was invited to join an easy saver rewards membership program when I made a purchase from one of the program’s partners. It was easy to sign up, and I received a significant discount off of my purchase. I pay a low monthly membership fee and in return, I receive savings opportunities for products and services at a diverse group of stores. I have saved hundreds of dollars with my membership, and each and every month the savings more than paid for the membership fee. Which was why I had such mixed feelings about my decision to cancel my easy saver rewards membership.

My husband lost his job and we had to take a long, hard look at our expenses. We decided that since we were going to be in a holding pattern on spending money on anything but the essentials, that I should cancel my easysaver rewards membership until he was working full time again. We knew we would be giving up the regular opportunities that we had to save money, such as:

Discounted movie tickets and restaurant gift certificates – This is the area where we will feel the loss of my easy saver rewards membership the most. Having the ability to order blocks of movie tickets ahead of time at a reduce rate allowed us to have a weekly date night. We combined the discounted movie tickets with restaurant gift certificates, which we purchased at below face value through my easysaver rewards membership. Date night will no longer be weekly, maybe monthly, once I cancel my easy saver rewards membership.

We’ll also need to put on hold the many home improvement projects we had in the works. My easy saver rewards membership program partnered with several national home improvement store chains, making it easy for us to save money on the repairs we were making to our home. My husband losing his job couldn’t have come at a worse time, as we have several unfinished projects around the house. If we have to sell our home, that won’t help our curb appeal. It’s unfortunate that I have to cancel my easy saver rewards membership before we are done.

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Easy Saver Rewards Benefits Include How To Cancel My Easy Saver Rewards

Times are tight for many of us. Household budgets are being looked at, and non-essential expenses are being eliminated. One expense that some are taking a closer look at is membership in easysaver rewards programs. Savvy shoppers know easy saver cancellations should be a last resort, as memberships such as these save more money than they cost. But, some of us have no choice and, thankfully, canceling couldn’t be easier.

When I wanted to cancel my easysaver rewards membership, I did so after careful consideration. After all, the membership has saved my family hundreds of dollars over the past two years. For example:

I used it to buy our new flat screen TV. Most electronics stores have online price matching policies, so getting the best deal doesn’t take much effort. Where you can really save, in this area, is by pairing price matching with an easysaver rewards benefit. I did just that and received 15 percent off of the TV purchase. Once I cancel my easy saver rewards membership, I won’t have that ability.

Planning vacations were also a breeze with my easysaver rewards membership. Not only did I save us money on trip packages and cruises, but my membership came with access to a travel concierge who helped me plan our trip. She even recommended restaurants in the cities we were visiting. Easy saver cancellations mean no more help on that front.

I’ll also being saying goodbye to the discounted movie tickets that my easysaver rewards membership gave me access to on a regular basis. Those, when combined with discounts at favorite restaurants, allowed me to save money on my family’s social activities. After I cancel my easy saver rewards, I’ll be paying full price for movie tickets again and we will likely not eat out as much.

Home improvement plans will also be put on hold. My easysaver rewards program partnered with several national home improvement stores, allowing us to save money on everything from paint to patio furniture. We’ll have to do our spring cleaning without our easysaver rewards program benefits this year, too. Here’s hoping that easy saver cancellations don’t result our house going down in value; we do want to sell it in a few years.

Once I made up my mind to cancel my easy saver rewards membership, the process was simple. I just logged onto the program’s website and filled out a cancellations form. You can also call and speak to someone in person, if that is your preference.

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