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HappyFitMe Womens Health and Fitness Launches

HappyFitMe Women’s Health and Fitness, the fast and elegant online custom exercise and workout platform, today announced that it has launched its women’s fitness system to the general public.

With its mission of making women’s health and fitness about a sustainable focus on positive movement and happiness, goes beyond the traditional, fickle barometers of counting calories and inches. A first in the fitness industry, HappyFitMe offers a robust and simple interface allowing women to improve from wherever they are at in their fitness journey and provides inspiration, structure and fun in exercise.

HappyFitMe’s download-free interface lets users workout online from anywhere, and the platform is entirely free of the advertisements that plague other freemium workout solutions.

“HappyFitMe is the one place where everything you need for exercise to be fun and inspirational is tied together beautifully — fun custom workout routines, both step by step and video workouts, tracking and sharing with friends, computer and smart phone accessible – all in perfect harmony,” said Amber Taves, a subscriber to HappyFitMe. “The fact that I have access to a personal trainer as well is icing on the cake.”

HappyFitMe leverages the cloud to support its workout systems, and it’s this advantage that lets them offer a professional grade solution for nearly free.

HappyFitMe’s Key Benefits

  • Fun custom workout routines –  Matched to your ability, no equipment needed. Fresh Video and step by step workout routines.
  • Fitness for your schedule –  All the benefits of exercise to custom fit the time you have.
  • Share with Friends – Achieve goals –  Friends cheer you on, connect through Facebook & Twitter.
  • Personal Trainer –  Your Fitness Coach for support, advice or inspiration!
  • Online Workouts from anywhere –  No software, use any computer or smartphone.

“The big online women’s fitness systems known to most of us are old and tired, crowded by ads and pretend to be experts in everything from recipes to nutrition to exercise, while those offered by new startups don’t have the polish, reliability or features busy women need,” said Tammy Andreotti, president and co-founder, HappyFitMe. “We wanted to offer the most robust yet easy-to-use web fitness solution in the market without the headaches or the unwanted advertisements. Women just love it!”

How to Register for HappyFitMe
HappyFitMe is a fast and simple health and fitness platform made for women at any fitness level, free of charge for 30 days. It takes less than 60 seconds to sign up for an account and you can be starting your workout routines and sharing your fitness journey with friends and family in minutes. Register for a free HappyFitMe trial account at

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Revolutionary Dry Skin Treatment Successfully Overcomes the Problem of Eczema

Revolutionary Dry Skin Treatment Protects Your Skin From the Itch of Eczema

What is the underlying cause of eczema?
Eczema is a chronic skin disease characterized by dry, itchy, inflamed skin caused by an allergic immune response with in the skin. While there is no cure for the condition, understanding the causes and finding the right dry skin treatment product can greatly reduce the occurrence of symptomatic outbreaks and how to rejuvenate skin.

Could you be suffering from a damaged skin barrier?
Nearly 80 percent of eczema is due to contact with harsh chemicals and environmental irritants. If you have damaged dry skin your skin’s barrier is impaired and no longer properly functions and an increase in water loss having dry and cracked skin. Besides an increase in water loss, a damaged skin barrier makes your skin more susceptible to irritants that create an increased risk for dry skin conditions such as eczema. “As a dermatologist with many years of experience treating skin problems, I can tell you what the major causes are,” says Dr. Lisa Benest, “one of them is exposure to irritants and chemicals in the everyday environment. We live in a much more toxic environment today and our skin bears the brunt. When we are exposed to harsh conditions in the environment it can have a very negative effect on our skin.”

Shielding Lotion: A Revolutionary New Dry Skin Treatment that is the Best Lotion for Dry Skin
Traditional moisturizers are simply add artificial moisture to the surface layer of your skin and do very little to heal or protect your skin. Many even contain harsh chemical ingredients that damage the integrity of your skin’s barrier leading to more skin problems for you. Realizing the need for an entirely new approach to skin care, 21st Century Formulations put together a team of leading doctors, dermatologists, and cosmetic chemists who spent six years working together in developing Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion. Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion duplicates your skin’s own natural functions and strengthens your skin’s ability to protect against toxins and irritants resulting in healthier softer skin. Dr. Lisa Benest explains: “The reason shielding lotions are so effective is that they replace the protective barrier and allow the skin to heal from within. A shielding lotion bonds with the outer layer of the skin and protects it from outside irritants and chemicals, so it will prevent skin conditions from developing or it will help an existing condition to heal.”

Join the millions throwing away their old creams and lotions for Skin MD Natural: It’s the only lotion that can truly treat severe eczema and is a real dry skin treatment. Go to or call 800-540-4790 for more information.

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Ribbon Cutting & Launch of Breathmobile® in Alameda

On Friday, January 20, 2012, the Prescott-Joseph Center for Community Enhancement, Inc. (PJCCE), in partnership with the Alameda Boys & Girls Club and Alameda Head Start will host a special ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Alameda Boys & Girls Club, 1900 3rd Street in Alameda as it launches services of the PJCCE Breathmobile®, a 33ft pediatric mobile asthma clinic, in the City of Alameda. The press conference and ceremony will start at 10:00am and will include members of the Alameda School Board, City elected officials, Alameda Head Start representatives, Alameda County representatives, and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Light refreshments will be provided.

Event: Breathmobile ® Press Conference & Ribbon Cutting
Friday, January 20, 2012
10:00am – 10:30am
Alameda Boys & Girls Club
1900 3rd Street, Alameda

Asthma rates for children in the City of Alameda, and particularly at Alameda Point are high in the 0-5 age group. Many families do not have insurance to access regular asthma health care,” says Washington Burns, MD, Executive Director of the Breathmobile. “We are happy to be partnering with the Alameda Head Start and Alameda Boys and Girls Club.” Dr. Burns was contacted in 2011 by Daniel Javes of Alameda Head Start, after Javes concerned about asthma rates in Head Start children, had heard about the work the Breathmobile was doing at schools in Oakland. Javes contacted Dr. Burns and said that the Boys and Girls Club would be a perfect site in Alameda to see children with asthma. Javes suggested he should contact George Phillips, Executive Director of the Alameda Boys & Girls Club, which he did. “The Breathmobile fits right in with our other health care initiatives like our dental clinic.” says George Phillips, the Club’s Executive Director, “It allows us to offer convenient access to services they might not otherwise use and will help us realize our goal of instilling healthy lifestyle habits in the children of our community.”

The Breathmobile®, the first of its kind in Northern California is owned and operated by PJCCE and is a 33 ft. Winnebago RV outfitted with the latest equipment to function as a pediatric mobile asthma clinic. Inside the van, there are an intake station, a small waiting space, a testing area for vital signs including Oximetry, allergen skin testing and spirometry, and an exam room. On board are two computer systems, the first has a health risk assessment system for asthma, and a screening module for pre-diabetes, and the other system is a state of the art electronic medical records system called “AsmaTrax.” Asthma and allergy specialists on-board include Pediatric Allergists, Registered Nurses, and Respiratory Therapists. A video system is also on board to play educational videos and CDs. Services are provided in English and Spanish, and are available at no cost to children and families. The Breathmobile® will also provide services at the Matheson Head Start in Alameda Point.

The Breathmobile’s® mission is to reduce the effects of asthma among economically challenged families by providing a sustainable, accessible asthma management program that will focus on regular preventive care, thereby shifting families away from acute episodic and emergency care.

There are other Breathmobiles® operating throughout the US, including Los Angeles, Orange County, Chicago, Baltimore, University of Alabama, and Phoenix, Arizona. All of these units form a national collaborative organization linked by a computer system located at USC to study and improve the effective treatment and management of asthma. Collaborative studies of Breathmobile® units in Chicago, Baltimore, Los Angeles and Orange counties in Southern California show a dramatic 73% reduction in Emergency Room visits and hospitalizations of asthma children being served by their Breathmobiles®. In its two years of operation, the PJC Breathmobile® has shown significant decrease in emergency room visits from 122 to 2, asthmarelated hospitalizations from 63 to 1, and school absences from 351 days to 17.

“There are so many diseases that we cannot control, but asthma is a controllable disease,“ says Dr. Burns, “By having the Breathmobile®, we can drastically reduce emergency room visits, hospitalizations, school absenteeism, reduce medical costs, and decrease morbidity and mortality of asthma by teaching patients how to control their children’s asthma. We are also increasing children’s academic performance.”

Founded in 1995, the Prescott Joseph Center for Community Enhancement, Inc. works to enhance the wellbeing of individuals and families in the West Oakland community through a broad range of wellness, education and cultural programs, and resources delivered in a safe, welcoming, respectful environment. Prescott Joseph Center partners with organizations and agencies to deliver services and referrals within the community. Located in the Prescott district, also called the Lower Bottom,” of West Oakland it is a center for community services, education, culture and development. Prescott Joseph Center for Community Enhancement has a three-fold mission to: promote the individual self-esteem of citizens in the community through education, skill training and cultural programs, thus supporting healthy families and economic self-sufficiency; promote the on-going renewal of community spirit among West Oakland residents and to organize and promote community activities that facilitate economic, social and cultural development within West Oakland community.

For more information, about the Breathmobile ® of Northern California, please contact Washington Burns, Executive Director at 510-290-1476 or You may also visit the Breathmobile® website at:

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Whatever the Legal Battle, Pentlarge Lawyers Want Alaskans to Know they’re on Your Side

Injuries are one of life’s sad realities. However, Alaskans should not fear as their cases are in very good hands, thanks to the existence of the Pentlarge Law Group.

Run out of Anchorage, the Pentlarge Law Group are a skilled team of personal injury attorney anchorage who place a special focus on helping those Alaskans who have suffered an injury.

Their clients come from many situations and backgrounds, including those accused of a DUI, truck accidents, car accidents in Alaska, insured motorists and the high costs of personal injury medical bills.

“We are constantly focused on getting our clients the best results for all injury cases. We have helped thousands of Alaskans and their families get through personal injury” say the attorney Alaska at Pentlarge Law Group.

The group offer a free initial consultation, within which they will carefully examine the specific details and situations of each personal injury, and give honest advice about their ability to fight on the side of the victims, and get them the money and closure that they deserve.

So far the law firm has helped thousands of individuals, couples and families find a safe and successful conclusion to even the most complicated of personal injury cases, and they stand by to help others today.

“It all starts with just one phone call. From this we can examine your case and get going in the best direction to ensure that both you and we obtain the best possible outcome” they say.

To find out more information about the Pentlarge Law Group, to schedule a free consultation with them and get your personal injury case closed for good, please visit their website:

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Paskvan & Ringstad – Two Personal Injury Lawyers Who Won’t Charge Unless You Win

With many personal injury lawyers taking their client’s bank account for a run, Fairbanks-based Paskvan & Ringstad stand by their core value – they won’t charge a client unless the case is won.

Acting as the region’s leading injury attorney fairbanks ak– the partners bring their wealth of knowledge and experience to the benefit of their clients.

“We want all Alaskans to be confident that we are equipped with both the skills and experience to tackle any claim of personal injury” says attorney Joseph L Paskvan.

His partner, Kenneth Ringstad, echoes the testament:

“We are 100% client-focussed, and have worked solidly to establish our firm as the premium answer for the need for attorney fairbanks ak” he explains.

The firm’s website also goes a long way to help those looking for a personal injury lawyer in the area – showcasing a number of videos about the firm and their work, as well as offering options for a free case assessment.

These resources have won the firm many clients, in cases ranging from claims arising from A Wrongful Death Situation, An Automobile Accident /Collision, Insurance Disputes, Unsafe Conditions, Road Defects, Construction Injuries or Accidents and Defective Products.

To find out more about the firm, to take advantage of their useful resources or to get a free case assessment today, please visit:

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Huffman Family Dentistry Vow to Put the Shine Back into Anyone’s Smile

Wanting to change the confidence levels of even the world’s biggest smilers, Anchorage dentist, Huffaman Family Dentistry, have announced their flagship smile makeover service.

The cosmetic dentist Anchorage, AK service will come as a saving call to the millions of Americans who are not happy with their smile. Those living in the Anchorage area will be the lucky ones – finally able to change things for the better.

The process begins with a consultation – allowing patients to discuss what you like and dislike about their smile with one of Huffman Family Dentistry’s experienced dentists.

The dental professional will then perform a detailed examination to determine the level of oral health – allowing the dentist to then explain the options available to each patient.

The team at the clinic understand the needs of their patients:

“At Huffman Family Dentistry we accept the responsibility of providing you and your family with the best care that modern dentistry has to offer. Our dental professionals never stop learning. They continually update their skills to remain on the leading edge of dental technology and allow you to benefit from new discoveries” they say.

The service is sure to be the pride of local people – with such a comprehensive and cost effective service being available exclusively to them.

“Of course, we’d love to expand and stretch our services across more of the United States” says the Practice Manager. He continues “However, Alaskans have a special place in our hearts, and we are proud to be on hand to help them, and them alone”.

To find out more about the company and book your smile makeover today, please visit:

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Oregon’s Apple Dental Shock the Dental World by Offering Best Deal Yet

Having already won the confidence of individuals and families in the North Bend and Coos Bay areas of Oregan, local dental clinic Apple Dental has further shocked the dental world – by offering a dental examination and X-Ray for just $49.

The clinic, known as one of the best in the region – with North Bend dentist and Coos Bay dentist offices, offers a full range of services including dental extractions, dental implants, Dentures, IV Sedation and a whole host of other Family Dentistry services.

Representatives of the company are proud to be offering such a great deal, and encourage anyone looking for elite dental care to contact them and take advantage of it:

“We are offering our best deal ever. We are targeting new patients that need dental care in North Bend and Coos Bay. We encourage all new dental patients to take advantage of this special promotion!” they say.

The clinic has already built up a sterling reputation for their focus on client relations – namely through the employment of highly qualified and friendly staff, who understand the needs of everyone.

Mike, who has been a patient at the clinic since it first opened, cannot speak highly enough of the service that they offer:

“I’ve had virtually everything you could image done at Apple Dental, including the extraction of two teeth, dental implants and most recently the fitting and development of some excellent dentures. The service they offer really is first class, and this $49 deal they have going on is not to be missed!” he says.

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Dr. Just Smile Vows to Bring Smiles to Cincinnati – as the Ultimate Family Dentist

Bringing years of experience to the dentist chair, Steinmetz Michael S DDS and his team at Dr. Just Smile are proud to announce the launch of their new website.

The major web overhaul is set to position Dr. Just Smile as the dominant family dentist in the region, as well as poise them as the ultimate cosmetic dentist Cincinnati has to offer.

The clinic offers everything from elite dentistry services through to laser dentistry, cosmetic dentist services, Pediatric services and many more.

“We are deeply committed to providing our clients with convenient and accessible dental health screenings and procedures that will leave them and their family with confidence and the healthiest smiles possible” says Dr. Michael Steinmetz – who owns and operates the practice.

Among their many services, the team at Dr. Just Smile place a special focus on dentistry services that the whole family can benefit from – as Dr. Michael Steinmetz explains:

“We regard our own team as a small family, so certainly know how to treat our patients the same way. Every patient knows out names and we’re always available help and assist with any questions or concerns that they may have. We want everyone to smile together!” he says.

In all, there’s an impressive range of services available to patients of Dr. Just Smile, positioning them as one of the most experiences family, emergency and pediatric dentist Cincinnati can boast.

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Alaska Center for Dentistry Launch Gleaming (Just Like your Teeth!) New Website

Wanting to make an impact in the world of online Dentistry, Anchorage-Based Alaska Center for Dentistry has launched a brand new website.

Coupled with this exciting new website launch are a range of special offers for new patients, making high-quality and elite dental care even more affordable.

The center’s Practice Manager explains more:

“We have launched a large promotion targeting new patients in need of quality dental care at affordable prices. With that, we are offering some rather large special offers including free teeth whitening for new patients” he says.

The Alaska Center for Dentistry has two locations – One in Wasilla and another in Anchorage, allowing the company to stretch their dentistry services over as wide a range as possible.

The center is also supporting the community over the Holiday season, and last month collected donations for the Food Pantry at their Wasilla office, and donations for the Food Bank of Alaska at their Anchorage dentist location.

During December, toy donations will be made to the Mat Su Special Santa at the Wasilla clinic, and for Toys for Tots in Anchorage.

As the practice say, beyond their excellent value services and high-quality care, dedication to the community is important:

“We feel it is vital to give something back. We’re doing extremely well with our two clinic locations and flashy new website as well as our IV Sedation Anchorage service– so we felt it necessary to help others at the same time” they conclude.

To visit the new website and find out more about the Alaska Center for Dentistry, please visit:

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Anchorage’s Mint Dental Offers New Patients a Whopping $150 off Services

Mint Dental, known throughout the Anchorage region as being the only Anchorage Dentist to positively welcome emergency treatment, have blown a huge hole in the local dentistry world by announcing a great new promotion – $150 off their services!

It’s all in an effort to celebrate the launch of Mint Dental’s new website, as well as the opening of their new office at 3606 Rhone Circle in the city.

“Our staff is of the highest quality you will find in Anchorage. We offer more services than most dental practices, allowing our patients to get more done in a single visit rather than going somewhere lest for other needed services like root canals” they say.

Of course, all of the services above as well as the myriad of others listed on their website can now be accessed by new patients at a fraction of their original cost.

The clinic is certainly an attractive prospect for anyone needing dental treatment – they offer same day appointments, are open on Saturdays, bill directly to insurance companies, offer IV sedation to nervous patients and even offer extended hour appointments.

Interested parties are asked to turn their attention to their new website for more information. The new dentist Anchorage portal, which has been developed recently by a team of online development experts, offers an expansive wealth of information on the clinic, its staff and even details of special offers and location maps.

It can be found online at:

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Fostering People Launches New Fostering Service In Dublin

Fostering People, a non-statutory foster care agency, has launched its services in Dublin to meet the needs of vulnerable children and young people living in the city.

Operating at a local level, Fostering People offers all carers one-to-one support through a dedicated social worker as well as on-going training, carer forums and support groups. Opening the doors to its new office in Dublin, the agency will look to provide high level of locally based support to its foster carers.

Fostering People welcomes applications from single people, same sex, married or co-habiting couples from all ethnic backgrounds who are 25 or over.

Fostering People service manager, Lesley Dale commented: “Fostering People is all about changing lives and bringing about positive outcomes.

“Working closely with the HSE, our aim is to bring a new dimension to foster care services in Dublin. We want help increase the number of foster carers and share with them our experience and expertise so that more looked after children and young people can live in safe family environments where they can build happy lives.”

Fostering People celebrated its launch Dublin by staging an open evening at the Ardmore Hotel, Glasnevin on November 9, where anybody interested in becoming a foster carer in Dublin had the opportunity to come along to the meet agency staff. Attendees were offered advice and guidance on the challenges and rewards of fostering.

This event will be followed by a series of information events, details for which will be published on the agency’s new website, which also provides prospective foster carers with a wide range of information about fostering, the process of becoming a foster carer, and the range of fostering placements.

The launch in Dublin marks an expansion in service delivery from the established operations in the UK, where Fostering People has developed a proven track record over 11 years for delivering high quality family based fostering placements for children and young people in Central and Northern England.

For further information on becoming a foster carer with Fostering People call freephone 1800 303 532 or visit the website.

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Kraff Eye Institute First In Illinois To Offer Laser Cataract Surgery

The most commonly performed surgical procedure in the United States, cataract removal, is now being performed at the Kraff Eye Institute using the latest technological advancement; the Alcon LenSx® femtosecond bladeless laser. This latest advancement, which provides unprecedented precision to cataract surgery, is offered at Kraff Eye Institute. With the use of a multifocal lens or the correction of astigmatism there is NO additional cost to the patient for the use of the Alcon LenSx femtosecond laser.

The FIRST laser of its kind in Illinois and the only laser approved by the FDA for cataract surgery, the LenSx bladeless laser arrived in August of this year at the Harlem location of the Kraff Eye Institute.

LenSx utilizes a femtosecond laser which has been used to perform Lasik surgery since its FDA approval in 2001. By using this latest advancement of ophthalmic lasers, the surgeon and patient have an alternative to the mechanical cuts used in traditional cataract surgery while ensuring the highest-precision surgical incisions. This technology brings both safety and precision to the surgeon and the patient. (See Fact Sheet for additional details.)

Dr. Manus Kraff, the founder of the Kraff Eye Institute, has been performing cataract surgeries since the 1970’s. He now offers the LenSx laser procedure to cataract patients who meet specific criteria for the surgery. Since August of this year, Dr. Kraff has performed numerous successful cataract surgical procedures with the aid of the revolutionary Alcon LenSx femtosecond Laser.

“We are proud to offer the most advanced eye care technology in Illinois and the world to our cataract patients,” states Dr. Manus Kraff. “By adding computer control to the three steps of cataract surgery, the LenSx Laser ensures the highest-precision surgical incisions. The LenSx Laser is unquestionably the most technologically advanced option for cataract patients.

“We are thrilled to have this new technology available to us. Prior to this, cataract surgery was performed by hand with blades or needles,” he explains. “With the LenSx Laser, we are able to perform surgeries to more exacting, individualized specifications not attainable with other surgical methods. Most importantly, patients recover quickly and have great satisfaction with the outcome,” concludes Dr. Kraff.

– MORE –


Established in the 70’s, the Kraff Eye Institute has been one of the foremost authorities in ophthalmic eye care. Drs. Manus and Colman Kraff have pioneered surgical procedures like phacoemulsification, intraocular lens implantation, Lasik vision correction and now the LenSx Laser cataract removal. Both Dr. Kraffs have spoken at major universities and conferences worldwide on cataract and laser refractive surgery, served on numerous medical advisory panels and boards with Dr. Manus Kraff having served on the medical advisory board of the LenSx Laser Corporation since its inception.

With two offices in the city, the Kraff Eye Institute has been bringing the very best in eye care to Chicago for over 35 years. For more information about the LenSx procedure or to schedule a consultation, call: 773-777-4444. Visit

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Key Assets Launches Disability Services For Young People In Western Australia

Key Assets is expanding its foster care provision in Western Australia with the upcoming launch of a new disability services program.

Key Assets disability services have been designed in partnership with young people, families and professionals to meet the complex and ordinary care needs of children and young people in Western Australia.

The disability services program aims to provide quality personal care services to children, young people and young adults with a disability between the age of 0 and 25. These services will enable young people to live ordinary lives, to experience independence and equality, and to access social and educational opportunities within the community.

Experienced Key Assets support staff will facilitate the implementation of the disability services, supporting individuals with a disability in the home and helping to provide accommodation solutions for young people who are unable to live with their birth families or are seeking alternative community housing.

Additional transition support from Key Assets in the form of alternative family care arrangements provide a stepping stone to independent living for individuals with disabilities who are approaching the age of independence. Areas of support during this time may include life skills and training and educational support, along with a range of other relevant key skills.

Liesel Olney, General Manager of Key Assets in Western Australia, said: “The new Key Assets disability services provide an exciting opportunity for development of a range of specialised services for people with disabilities as well as their families and carers. The new program will allow for Key Assets to develop services that are tailored to each service user’s needs in close consultation with that individual and their family. This will ensure the best outcomes and create more opportunities for independence and inclusion.

“This program also allows for children and young people in foster care with a disability to receive ongoing funding, accommodation and support from Key Assets after the age of 18, allowing for stability and consistency. Key Assets is now a registered provider for the Disability Services Commission (DSC) and work in close collaboration with the DSC, the Department for Child Protection (DCP) and other relevant disability community services.”

Key Assets will also work with the families of children and young people with disabilities to offer short break care for young people. This will allow families and carers to arrange holidays or take care of other responsibilities around the home.

Disability services from Key Assets will be accessible outside of working hours via a 24-hour phone line for advice and intervention. Key Assets also aims to offer each young person and their foster carer such additional benefits as advanced training and psycho-therapeutic support.

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FCA Promotes Fostering Within The LGB Community

Foster Care Associates (FCA), the UK’s largest Independent Fostering Agency (IFA), has launched a ‘Fostering with Pride’ initiative to promote fostering within the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) community.

In August 2011, FCA attended Brighton Pride to inform members of the LGB community about fostering and how to become a foster carer. FCA’s attendance at the event coincides with the publication of the new ‘Fostering with Pride’ leaflet, which focuses on encouraging LGB individuals and couples to foster with FCA.

FCA’s goal is to promote further LGB carer recruitment and communicate the message that sexual orientation is not a barrier to foster.

As an inclusive organisation, FCA ranked in the list of 2011 Stonewall Top Employers, which acknowledges the 100 most gay-friendly organisations in the UK. FCA is committed to working with Stonewall and various other LGB advocacy groups to promote diversity within the workplace and LGB foster carer recruitment initiatives.

Stuart Bray, Equality and Diversity Co-ordinator at FCA said: “I am tremendously proud of the work that FCA has undertaken to make it clear to the LGB communities that we encourage them to apply to become foster carers for the agency. We already have many wonderful LGB carers – singles and couples – and we are looking for more who have the ability to nurture a child and make them feel safe and part of a family.”

Stuart Bray added: “FCA has always been committed to Equality and Diversity. Taking the step to produce a leaflet targeting the LGB communities (‘Fostering with Pride’) is testament to the commitment of the company to champion the rights of LGB carers, young people and staff.”

The ‘Fostering with Pride’ leaflet was created to give prospective LGB carers an insight into what to expect when fostering with FCA. It was written to appeal to the LGB community who may be unsure about fostering due to prejudice or stigma. The leaflet highlights the fact that FCA is committed to recruiting foster carers from all strands of diversity.

The LGB campaign forms part of FCA’s ongoing carer recruitment initiative as the agency bids to address the shortfall of 10,000 foster carers in the UK.

FCA Promotes Local Fostering Needs Through New Website Functionality

Foster Care Associates (FCA), the UK’s largest Independent Fostering Agency, has added a new geographically targeted section to its website to provide locally based fostering information and placement needs to its visitors.

Under the heading ‘Your local FCA’, the website now offers readers information about FCA and fostering in their local area, divided between the agency’s 14 operating regions.

Visitors can now access regional FCA news, information about forthcoming fostering events in their community and learn more about their local fostering team through FCA staff profiles. There is also a range of local FCA foster carer stories to give a better insight into becoming a foster carer as well as information about the specific placement needs in line with Local Authority referrals. Directions and contact information for the company’s regional and local FCA offices complete the individual sections, which are presented via a tabbed format.

With over 80 local offices spread across the UK, the new website functionality adds better scope for FCA to communicate its range of locally based support services to potential and existing foster carers. It also complements the wealth of existing information about becoming a foster carer and wider fostering information through a total of over 500 unique pages.

Marie-Louise Allred, Marketing Manager for FCA, commented: “People who enquire about fostering tell us how important knowing about our local infrastructure and support services is to them. The new website section presents this information in a simple and easy to access format so that prospective carers can learn about the staff, carers, young people, events and offices in their local area.

“Fostering can be an isolating role so knowing what an agency has to offer in your local area is vital in the decision making process. Over the next few months we will be adding even more local information to these sections so that prospective carers really understand what FCA has to offer in their community.”

The provision of a locally based service is central to the agency’s unique Team Parenting approach to foster care, which is based upon the principle of delivering a holistic range of therapeutic support services to the foster carer and to the child. Team Parenting is proven to achieve positive outcomes for looked after children and young people across the UK.

The new website functionality is part of a wider phased redevelopment of the FCA website, which includes a new Home page and a forthcoming new Media Centre.

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Fostering People Targets Foster Carer Recruitment During Foster Care Fortnight 2011

Fostering People will be holding a range of open days during Foster Care Fortnight 2011 to complement the agency’s ongoing foster carer recruitment campaign.

The Independent Fostering Agency, based in Nottingham, East Midlands, will stage the open days at its Head Office on Pavilion Road, Nottingham during the two weeks of Foster Care Fortnight 2011 (16th to 29th May 2011). The open days are being held on 18th and 25th May 2011. They will complement the agency’s existing and ongoing carer recruitment activities across the Midlands, Yorkshire, the North West and the North East of England.

Fostering People open days provide an opportunity for existing foster carers to share their experiences and for prospective foster carers to ask Fostering People staff and former carers about fostering and what’s entailed in becoming a foster carer. Tea and coffee will be served as attendees take the opportunity to read through Fostering People’s literature and discuss their fostering ambitions.

Foster Care Fortnight 2011, an initiative from the Fostering Network, will work under the theme of ‘time to care’. It is expected to provide Fostering People with a boost in applications from prospective foster carers through such initiatives as these information events and through an increased level of traffic to the organisation’s carer recruitment website. Foster Care Fortnight 2011 is expected to perform a vital role in raising awareness of fostering and addressing the shortfall of up to 10,000 foster carers across the UK.

Melissa Miller, Marketing Officer at Fostering People, describes the importance of Foster Care Fortnight 2011 in the agency’s ongoing foster carer recruitment campaign: “On an annual basis, Foster Care Fortnight really helps to raise awareness of the need for foster carers across the UK.

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Foster Care Associates Receives Leading Aspect Award

Foster Care Associates (FCA) has received the Leading Aspect Award for empowering staff and foster carers to drive up educational standards for looked after children and young people.

The Leading Aspect Award is a self-evaluation framework designed to judge the support of educational welfare within an organisation. FCA has received positive results based on criteria such as commitment to quality, teaching and learning, sharing good practice, and disseminating innovation.

The agency has proved particularly successful in empowering foster carers and staff to narrow the attainment gap for educational achievement for looked after children and young people.

As an integral part of FCA’s Team Parenting approach to foster care, education is considered important in increasing stability within a fostering placement and enhancing the future outcomes of looked after children and young people. Encouraging educational achievement is therefore considered a high priority for the agency and its foster carers.

Julie Archer, Head of Education at FCA, has welcomed the Award, stating that the recognition means a lot for the agency: “Achieving the Leading Aspect Award for FCA is important as it confirms that the strategies we use are effective in improving the outcomes of the children and young people placed with us. At FCA we have a commitment to ensure all children and young people placed with our foster carers receive an appropriate education. Education is paramount to stability within a foster placement and to enhance the life chances of children.

“Our Education Service works to identify and secure appropriate education provision by engaging with staff from schools and other agencies and working with foster carers to support the young people. In addition we also provide direct support to the children and young people wherever appropriate.

“Sharing this practice through the Leading Aspect Award heightens the awareness of the issues for looked after children all over the UK and, in particular, the importance of putting strategies in place to support children and young people to reach their educational potential.”

Throughout the UK there is a shortfall of around 10,000 foster carers. As the UK’s leading Independent Fostering Agency, FCA is seeking to address this shortage through a nationwide foster carer recruitment campaign and a fully integrated marketing approach. FCA seeks to raise awareness of fostering as a career, and the importance of supporting looked after children in education, in order to help improve the outcomes of young people in foster care across the UK.

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Sit-Ups Won’t Give You A Six-Pack And Could Leave You With A Pot Belly

There are still many popular misconceptions about how to lose weight or tone up stomachs, bottoms and thighs – with exercise routines left over from the days of ‘go for the burn’ aerobics and Jane Fonda-style videos.

Sit-ups have traditionally been thought of the best way to tone stomach muscles – but this might not be the case. Firstly, lots of sit-ups or crunches alone won’t tone a flabby belly – you need to combine any exercise with other exercises as well as eating a balanced diet. Sit-ups also target the most superficial ‘six-pack’ core muscles, but too many of these will cause the tummy to bulge out, leading to a pot belly.

Those trying to lose weight often believe that exercising for longer periods of time will lead to increased weight loss. But exercising hard for a long time will produce excessive amounts of stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol, which begin to break down muscle tissue.

High-intensity exercise is good for heart health, but not effective for fat loss. Studies have shown the best way to burn fat is by carrying out moderate to light-intensity exercise, such as a brisk walk.

Those who are finding it hard to shift stubborn fat, should come for a consultation with an expert surgeon at The Hospital Group.

The Hospital Group offer a range of cosmetic procedures to help people achieve the perfect body, including tummy tucks and liposuction, as well as weight loss surgery, including gastric bypasses, balloons and bands.

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Heightened Sense Of Smell May Cause Overweight To Struggle With Diets And Weight Loss

New research has found that some overweight people have a greater sense of smell for food which may cause them to struggle with diets and weight loss.

Carried out by the University of Portsmouth , the study found that those who were overweight, or had a high BMI, had a far heightened sense of smell for food compared with slim people.

Volunteers took part in the study where they were asked to join in with a series of mini experiments that tested their smelling ability.

The results revealed that most people are better at detecting food odours just after they had eaten rather than when they were hungry with experts citing this as one of the reasons many people continue eating long after they are full up.

Scientists believe this new research could help explain why some people struggle to stay slim or stick to a strict diet.

Lead researcher Dr Stafford, said: “It could be speculated that for those with a propensity to gain weight, their higher sense of smell for food related odours might actually play a more active role in food intake.

“Hopefully this research will stimulate more work in this area with the potential to help those who struggle with their weight and those who treat people with weight problems.”

Those who are worried about being overweight should book a consultation with an expert bariatric surgeon at The Hospital Group.

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KnoWhat2Do Shares Preparedness Information at Public Festival

On the 10 year anniversary of the deadly twisters that hop scotched through Tarrant county, hundreds of people will gather in the sunny outskirts of downtown Fort Worth for KnoWhat2Do PrepareFair. Sponsored by State Farm Insurance, KnoWhat2Do PrepareFair is a public festival featuring live music, food, children’s games and activities and most importantly, the life-saving preparedness information promoted by KnoWhat2Do and State Farm Insurance.

KnoWhat2Do Shares Preparedness Information at Public Festival

KnoWhat2Do, a program created specifically for all residents of North Central Texas, welcomes the public to this timely festival, a mixture of family fun and personal safety enhancement. KnoWhat2Do was created by the Regional Public Education Committee to identify threats specific to North Central Texas, such as that deadly tornado a decade ago and the hundreds of sever weather incidents to strike the region since that time. The program outlines the steps people can take to prepare and protect themselves. The committee consists of public safety and emergency management officials from the 16 North Central Texas counties, which includes Dallas, Tarrant, Collin and Denton County.

PrepareFair will have prize give aways from Mix 102.9 FM and State Farm Insurance, free flu and H1N1 vaccines from Tarrant County public health, bounce houses, face painting and games for children, fire safety demonstrations by C.E.R.T. volunteers, free hot dogs, live music from Canta Rhythm and Brass and ready access to the preparedness tools and information people can take home and incorporate into their families and share with neighbors and friends.

“Ten years ago, when those deadly storms tore through downtown Fort Worth, then south Arlington neighborhoods on their way across the metroplex, a uniform set of preparedness messages crafted specifically for the North Central Texas Region didn’t exist,” says Kwa heri Heard, Emergency Management Specialist with the City of Dallas Office of Emergency Management and KnoWhat2Do Regional Public Education Subcommittee Chair. “We created KnoWhat2Do to let the public know what threats are most prevalent here in North Central Texas, and what specific steps they can take to best be prepared.”

State Farm Insurance, the KnoWhat2Do PrepareFair sponsor, will give away smoke detectors and disaster kits at the event, some including $100 gift cards. “At State Farm we strive to support programs like KnoWhat2Do PrepareFair that provide valuable information to people right here where we live and work, and help build safer, stronger, and better educated communities,” says David Ballew, State Farm Agent.

What: KnoWhat2Do PrepareFair
When: Sunday, March 28th, 1-5pm
Where: 2300 West 7th Street, Fort Worth- Trinity Park Pavilion and Memorial area,
Who: Emergency management officials and first responders from around the region, State Farm Insurance agents, Tarrant County health officials, American Red Cross, CERT (Citizens Emergency Response Team), United Way, Mix 102.9 FM, Canta Rhythm and Brass
Visuals: Childrens learning games regarding preparedness, flu/H1N1 shots, live band, large crowds, CERT fire extinguishing demonstrations

About KnoWhat2Do
The resources found in the KnoWhat2Do campaign provide valuable tools to all citizens of North Central Texas in planning and preparing before disaster strikes. The materials are distributed on the website, through an educational DVD and preparedness guide and a series of public events, presentations and public service announcements. Individuals, schools, or businesses can find information on severe weather preparation, health threats and much more to empower themselves, their families, co-workers and neighbors to KnoWhat2Do in an emergency. Under the motto, “Think. Prepare. Act.” the campaign demonstrates real practices people can put into action in their own lives. KnoWhat2Do is on the web at

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