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0800 Repair Serves Up A Range Of Appliance Repair Services For Budding Chefs

Cooking programmes have become one of the staples of daytime and primetime television in recent years. Shows such as MasterChef create dishes that many of us would love to reproduce, but probably never will, while celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, Rick Stein and the Hairy Bikers use their programmes to cook food that viewers can at least attempt to knock up at home.

Having the right equipment however is vital, and 0800 Repair, the UK’s leading appliance repair specialist, has reminded anyone planning to get their teeth into cooking gourmet meals at home, of the importance of having kitchen equipment that is up to scratch.

Having a fridge that doesn’t chill food properly, or an oven with a faulty thermostat, can stop a chef in their tracks and ruin what could potentially have been a great meal.

Paul Feek, Managing Director of 0800 REPAIR, said: “There’s nothing better than delicious, healthy meals cooked at home, but in order to get a finished article that you can be proud of, you need to have the right equipment to hand.

“A faulty oven, fridge, freezer or hotplate can turn simple tasks into marathon efforts and that’s not what you want when you’re trying to find your feet in the kitchen. Even if appliances are still working, if they’re not performing properly then you’re likely to have problems. 0800 Repair carries out cooker repairs and fridge repairs in homes up and down the country every day, and we regularly get feedback from customers saying how much of a difference it makes to have an appliance that works properly.”

Chester-le-Street-based 0800 Repair is one of the largest professional appliance repair companies in the UK, with fully-qualified engineers based all over Britain. All the work they carry out is backed by a no quibble guarantee and so homeowners can book a repair service with complete confidence.

Paul Feek added: “We’d urge anyone who enjoys their cooking but has to deal with a faulty appliance to get in touch with a member of the team at 0800 Repair and find out how reasonable it really is to have a fast and efficient oven repair carried out.”

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0800 Repair Stresses Importance Of Appliance Safety

The UK’s leading appliance repair firm has urged homeowners and businesses to make sure that they take care of appliance maintenance issues as soon as they occur.

Chester-le-Street-based 0800 Repair, one of the largest professional appliance repair companies in Britain, has called on domestic appliance owners to always make sure they put safety first and deal with maintenance issues as soon as they crop up. The advice follows a number of recent incidents across the UK where domestic appliance faults have led to house fires.

While following fire safety advice such as not leaving appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines running overnight is important and simple to follow, some accidents are unavoidable. However, 0800 Repair has stressed the importance of taking steps to rectify known issues as soon as possible.

Paul Feek, Managing Director of 0800 Repair, said: “Every day our specialists visit homes across the country to deal with a huge range of domestic appliance repairs, from fridge repair jobs involving fan motor replacements to dealing with faulty dishwasher pumps. As a result of their experience, the most important piece of advice we would give to anyone, whatever the problem, is to get maintenance issues looked at as soon as possible.

“Even products made to the highest standards can develop faults and from a safety point of view it’s vital any problems are taken care of immediately. Anyone who is concerned that an appliance might be faulty is advised to organise for a professional technician to take a look.”

0800 Repair’s fully-qualified engineers carry out appliance maintenance work including dishwasher repairs, washing machine repairs and fridge repairs for homeowners and businesses across the UK. Engineers provide specific time slots, so customers don’t need to spend all day at home waiting for a visit, and what’s more, all work is backed by a no quibble guarantee.

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Save money by having your washing machine repaired, says 0800 REPAIR

Appliance repairs company 0800 REPAIR has called on the UK public to consider the option of repairing their broken-down washing machines rather than replacing them.

0800 REPAIR is one of the leading repair companies in the UK, having the ability to repair all kinds of washing machine faults. This includes drum and door gasket replacements, blocked pumps, snapped belts, heating issues and spin cycle faults.

The company can also work on a number of different brands, so practically all makes and models of washing machine can be easily fixed by 0800 REPAIR. Everything from AEG to Zanussi washing machines can be repaired, and you can view the full list of brands that 0800 REPAIR can work with by looking on the official website.

0800 REPAIR employs qualified engineers that have all undergone additional training to ensure that they are able to carry out appliance repairs in line with the company’s standards. In order to save time for customers, 0800 REPAIR offers timeslot appointments for call-outs, so that customers can arrange their day around their washing machine repairs.

Paul Feek, Managing Director of 0800 REPAIR said: “We are able to provide washing machine repair throughout the UK, so no matter where you live we will be able to get an engineer out to you. Our special Code of Conduct ensures that engineers arrive on time and that they keep you in the loop concerning your repairs, as we believe this is incredibly important.

“Also, because we understand that times are tough, you can get fixed price labour from 0800 REPAIR to help you to save money in the long-run. This means that, when it comes to washing machine repair, it really is cheaper to come to 0800 REPAIR instead of rushing out and buying a new machine.”

To find out more about 0800 REPAIR’s washing machine repairs service, visit www.0800repair.com now.

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0800 Repair Announces Recruitment Drive As Demand Soars

A national repair company is to almost double the number of staff at its Dinnington call centre near Sheffield, following a surge in demand.

0800 Repair, which specialises in installing and carrying out repairs to domestic appliances such as washing machine repair, Dishwasher repair and cooker repairs, said the recession has led to a ‘make do and mend’ culture. With money tight for many households across the UK, repairing appliances rather than spending hundreds of pounds on new machines is an attractive option.

The firm currently employs 10 staff at the Waterside Business Park in Dinnington and as a result of the increase in demand for its services, plans to employ a further eight people at the site.

Paul Feek, managing director, said: “We’ll be expanding operations in the North East and at Dinnington, near Sheffield, and we’ll be needing more staff to help us achieve that.”

Over the next five years 0800 Repair intends to create more than 60 jobs nationally. Along with Dinnington, the company has another call centre in Chester-le-Street, a repair centre in County Durham, a distribution and repair centre in West Yorkshire and an IT centre in Surrey.

0800 Repair also provides employment for around 400 sub-contracted engineers and along with its network of franchisees, carries out in the region of 100,000 appliance repairs every year.

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