Parcel2Go Highlights The Importance Of Offering A Variety Of Shipping Options On eBay

One of the UK’s leading online parcel delivery services has stressed how important it is for UK businesses to make sure they are appealing to as wide a group of online consumers on eBay as possible.

Bolton-based Parcel2Go made the call following an interview given to the Daily Telegraph by the online auction and retail giant’s president of global marketplaces this week. Devin Wenig told the newspaper the UK had now become eBay’s fastest-growing marketplace, highlighting the fact that the British site receives visits from 17 million unique users every month, with sellers listing 40 million products.

Parcel2Go marketing director Richard Mercer said the news highlights just how important it is for businesses using eBay to ensure that they are doing everything possible to attract customers.

He said: “The popularity of eBay is something that all businesses should be looking to take advantage of. E-commerce is continuing to grow at a staggering pace and companies should be trying to maximise their exposure to potential customers.

“On eBay, one way of doing this is by offering a wide range of shipping options to customers as this will ensure that listings appeal to as wide a range of people as possible. For example, by offering international shipping options through international courier firms you are going to suddenly make your products available to a whole swathe of new customers.”

In his interview, Mr Wenig also highlighted the increasing role that mobile is playing, describing its growth as “exponential”. He said one item per second is now purchased through a mobile device.

“Smartphone usage is spreading rapidly and as more consumers get access to sites such as eBay while they’re on the move, sales will naturally increase. We want as many businesses as possible to benefit from this opportunity,” added Richard.

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0800 REPAIR Available For Fast Fridge Repairs

Expert appliance repair group 0800 REPAIR has urged customers to invest in fridge repairs rather than buying new appliances following breakdowns.

The appliance repair company can provide customers throughout the country with speedy fridge repairs and the company prides itself on putting the customer first, to ensure each and every fridge repair is carried out to the company’s high standards.

0800 REPAIR employs qualified engineers in all areas of the UK, so every region is covered. The company can repair a number of fridge makes and models as well, from Beko to Whirlpool fridges and everything in between.

The company promises that repairs will be carried out as quickly as possible, so any repairs that can be carried out in the first consultation will be done there and then. If further repairs are required or the job requires additional investigation to ascertain the problem, an engineer can re-visit the customer with the appropriate tools or spare parts.

Paul Feek, Managing Director of 0800 REPAIR said: “When your fridge breaks down, the first thing on your mind is how you’re going to stop all of your food from spoiling, and at 0800 REPAIR we understand how big an issue this can be.

“You could end up wasting a fair amount of money in spoiled food if your fridge is out of action for any length of time, but rushing out and buying a new fridge will undoubtedly cost more than the average family can afford. That’s why we offer reasonably-priced fridge repairs that can be carried out quickly and efficiently.”

0800 REPAIR works to a strict code of conduct, so customers can expect engineers to be dispatched on time and to call ahead if there are any delays expected. They will also inform the customer of any and all repairs that need to be carried out, and they have full insurance to allow them to work within a customer’s home.

Apart from fridge repairs, 0800 REPAIR also offers freezer repairs, washing machine repairs, cooker repairs and even vacuum cleaner repairs. To find out more about the company’s repairs service, check the official website now.

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Barclays Bankers May Lose £1bn Bonus To PPI Claims Says PPI Claims Company Simple Financial Solutions

Barclays bank is considering a move that will see the bonuses planned for its staff cut to pay the fines and compensation claims for PPI mis-selling, and may even institute a claw back of bonuses already paid, says PPI Claims Company Simple Financial Solutions.

In the wake of Sir John Vickers banking reform report, Barclays Chief Executive Bob Diamond has put forward the idea that some of the large fines for PPI mis-selling could be met by withholding the bonuses of its staff as a type of penance and using the money to meet its PPI mis-selling commitments instead.

In a meeting with the MPs of the Treasury Select Committee, Mr Diamond was taken to task by Committee Chair Andrew Tyrie about PPI mis-selling. In explaining that the staff responsible for the mis-selling had now gone, Mr Diamond added in reference to the PPI fines: “We are taking into account in our businesses that impact in our remuneration.”

Some believe his comments have come following the decision of Lloyds bank to claw back some of the bonus its chief executive, Eric Daniels, received because of the heavy financial toll of £3.2bn the PPI mis-selling scandal  is predicted to have on the lender.

However, Mr Diamond appeared to be losing patience with proceedings when later asked about bankers’ level of pay and remarked that it was ‘disappointing’ to be asked about it again. ‘I was looking forward to a discussion on the Independent Commission on Banking and its report and we’re right on to the same issues as last time, which I do find disappointing,’ he said.

A spokesperson for PPI Claims Company Simple Financial Solutions, said: “It seems that the bankers wish everyone would just shut up and forget about the PPI mis-selling scandal, as if it is water under the bridge, old history, best forgotten. Nobody has forgotten Mr Diamond’s comments earlier this year when he proclaimed the time for‘remorse and apology’ was over. The trouble is, it isn’t and it won’t be. Barclays has been identified as being one of the worst offenders for dragging its heels over settlingPPI claims and until the matter is fully concluded and Barclay’s customers are properly and fairly treated, Mr Diamond will hear a great deal more on the subject.”

“Cutting staff bonuses for poor performance is just the start of the steps Barclays should be taking to get its house in order. A bonus claw back from those senior manager who time and again failed at their jobs and caused this mess would be a good idea and might see Barclays earn a little lost respect back from customers.”

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Trees around the House Cut Electricity Bills upto 30%

There’s something about trees that a lot of people don’t know about: Trees can help a household save up to 30 percent of energy consumption, said the US Forest Service Center for Urban Forest Research. It only takes the right placement of the trees to reduce electricity bills, especially during the hot summer. If you have plans of engaging in tree planting in Kansas City, MO, consult a tree service company for advice on what areas around your house are the best location for your trees.

The benefits one gets from trees every day are many. Trees protect us from the sun by providing cooling shade, they block the chilling winter winds, they provide shelter to birds and wildlife, they purify the air, they prevent erosion of the soil, they clean the water, and they provide beauty and grace to homes and communities. For example, in Chicago, the city’s more than 3 million trees reduce air pollution by almost 900 tons annually, or a benefit of $6.4 million every year, said the Forest Service. In Portland, Ore., trees planted near and in front of a house add almost $9,000 to the property’s selling price. Planting trees in strategic places not only conserves energy and reduces electricity bills, it also helps fight global warming.

Before starting on a tree planting in Kansas City, MO, learn these important tips to enjoy the most benefits from your trees:

Deciduous Trees

The best place for deciduous trees is on the east and west sides of your house. Deciduous trees are those that lose their leaves. If they are planted on your house’s west side, they will keep your home cool during summer and allows the sun to warm you house during winter. This results in reduced energy use, says the US Department of Energy. If planted on the west, east and northwest areas of your house, large deciduous trees provides soothing shade from sun’s summer heat, thus reducing the cost of air conditioning by up to 35 percent.

Evergreen Trees

The best area to plant trees is on your house’s northern and north-western sides. After their leaves fall, they allow sun to pour through their branches and warm your house in winter. When tree planting, don’t plant evergreens on your home’s southern side because they will block sunshine in winter. Instead, evergreen conifer windbreaks must be planted on your house’s north and northwest sides as cold winter wind breakers.

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Parcel2Go Calls On Businesses To Keep Customers In The Loop During Bad Weather

With more snow expected to hit the UK in the coming days, online parcel delivery specialist Parcel2Go has called on companies to ensure they keep customers expecting deliveries informed.

Forecasters have warned that the cold spell currently gripping Britain could last until the end of the month, with very cold temperatures leading to hard frosts in the coming days. Severe weather warnings for snow and ice are in place across many parts of England and Wales, and Parcel2Go, which helps individuals and businesses to organise more than two million international and UK mail shipments each year, has warned that delays are possible.

In order to help customers stay on top of the latest developments, Parcel2Go has added a new weather warning information link to its homepage which is being updated as necessary with news of the latest weather-related developments affecting postcode areas across the UK.

Parcel2Go’s marketing director, Richard Mercer, has called on businesses to check the site for important updates and where necessary, communicate these to customers who are expecting domestic and international parcel deliveries.

He said: “Temperatures have been well below freezing and unsurprisingly this is playing havoc on some of the country’s roads.

“Parcel delivery services and collections will continue as normal if it is deemed safe for drivers to reach addresses, but to a large degree we are at the mercy of the elements and as we have seen over the past week, conditions can change extremely quickly.

“We’re asking people who are expecting parcels to be collected to bear with us if weather conditions are preventing a driver from calling, and for companies to let their customers know that consignments could be delayed as a result.”

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Tree Spraying: Keeping Your Fruit Trees Healthy

The importance of spraying your fruit trees should not be underestimated. Spraying, along with other tree services such as pruning and trimming, protects trees against pests and diseases, thus keeping them healthy and strong and maximizing their fruit-bearing capabilities.

Tree spraying in Birmingham, AL can be done with the help of a professional tree service company, or you can do it on your own. Either way, you need to know some basic information on how to spray your trees the right way.

First thing to know are the tools to be used in tree spraying. The use of proper tools and equipment makes the job easier to do and faster. Choose a sprayer that is of excellent quality. You can visit any store that sells farming tools and inquire more about tree spraying equipment. You will not go through all the hassle if you decide to hire experts in tree spraying.

Choosing the Type of Spray

You can choose from any of the several spray products available in the market today. Of these products, the most commonly used are the organic type, usually made from mineral oil, which is good for suffocating pests. Sulphur and copper also work pretty well against fungus. But avoid using sulphur products on apricot trees. Also wait for thirty days from the time you used oil spray before using sulphur spray products.

How to Spray Fruit Trees

Tree spraying should be done during a calm weather. The spray will be blown away by wind, wasting your investment. In a calm day, you can get a thorough covering of your trees, from the tip of the branches to the trunk’s base. In spraying, cover the area under the tree. Also spray the root area. If you are spraying near a pond, make sure there will be no spray particles that drift into the water. Sprays are mostly poisonous to fish. And to protect yourself, wear glasses and gloves. Chemicals, even if you are using organic ones, may cause some amount of harm.

Choosing the time of the year to do your tree spraying is important. Expert tree spraying companies know when the best time is to do tree spraying. Check the climate in your locality. The best time to do tree spraying in Birmingham must depend on what particular part of the year that pests attack trees.

Generally, though, winter is a good time to do an oil spray because the trees are leafless and dormant, an anti-fungus spray before the opening of flower buds and another spraying after the petals of flowers have dropped.

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Tree Planting Tips: Ensuring the Survival of Your Trees

Planning is important if you want your trees to survive after planting. Planting a tree is not as simple as digging a hole, putting a seedling in it and watching it grow. There are tree-planting techniques to follow to ensure the survival of your trees.

If you have no experience in tree planting yet, it is best that you consult any of the several expert tree service companies in your area. If you are tree planting in Durham, you also need to visit your local tree authorities for any tree planting ordinances or regulations that you need to follow and requirements that you need to comply with. Tree planting has a long-time effect on an area, and local authorities would definitely want to know about your plans.


The four basic elements needed for a tree to grow are sunlight, water, nutrients and space to grow. Here are some tips related to this aspect of tree planting:

Conduct an ocular survey on the area where you will plant your trees. Identify the type of soil. Knowing the type of soil is important because it tells you what type of trees grows best in the area. If you are tree planting in Durham, go to the local forestry office or any related agency to inquire about the types of trees that grow best in Durham. Your local authorities can also assist you, especially if your tree planting project will have an impact on the general public.


If you are planning to plant your trees in your property, choose an area with sufficient space for your trees to grow. You must know the growth potential of your trees. When fully grown, the trees must not be so big as to pose risks to power and utility lines and other properties nearby. Don’t plant your trees too close to each other, or they will compete for water, sunlight, space and nutrients, which will affect their growth and health.


Tree planting in Durham, and elsewhere for that matter, must follow the right timing. A tree is best planted when it is dormant. Most trees are best planted in the spring when the ground is free of frost and just before flower buds break open. If not, do your planting in autumn when the leaves are falling off and flower buds are prepared for the freeze-up.

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Scottish Broadband Plan Would Be Boon To Small Businesses, Says Parcel2Go

New plans to dramatically increase the speed of broadband internet services to homes and businesses in Scotland by 2015 have been welcomed by the UK’s largest online parcel delivery specialist.

Parcel2Go, which helps individuals and businesses across Britain to send consignments to addresses here in the UK and countries all over the world, said if the Scottish government’s plans come to fruition, the result would be a major boost for small firms.

As part of the Infrastructure Action Plan (IAP), the government hopes that 85 to 90 per cent of properties in Scotland will benefit from broadband speeds of between 40-80Mbps. At the moment the average broadband speed in the UK is just 6.8Mbps.

The growing importance of being able to trade online and effectively manage a business through the internet means the plans could have a substantial impact on companies in Scotland. Parcel2Go’s marketing director Richard Mercer, said the parts of the IAP aimed at improving access to mobile data services could also be hugely beneficial to firms.

He said: “More and more small businesses are coming to rely on the internet and are managing to boost their takings through e-commerce. Parcel2Go helps thousands of these companies find cheap courier deals so they can ship consignments across the world, and from feedback, we understand all too well how important online services have become to the UK’s small businesses.

“With Britain facing the possibility of another recession, schemes such as this which will help firms to grow should be made a top priority. It is innovative and dynamic companies that will help Britain move towards an improved economic situation and Britain should be doing everything possible to support that growth.”

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More Consumer press releases Poll Reveals Flowers as Leading Valentine’s Day Gift

Leading money-saving website – the website which helps people enjoy bargain deals at over 800 famous name stores – has announced the results of its latest user poll. The site’s survey has shown that flowers are still the top Valentine’s Day gift.

The website’s poll revealed that 40% of people believe flowers are still the most romantic Valentine’s Day gift. Next in line in the site’s poll was jewellery with 34% – yet 9% of Brits don’t consider a Valentine’s Day present necessary at all.

The top ten Valentine’s Day presents listed in the voucher codes website’s survey: 1. Flowers. 2. Jewellery. 3. Nothing. 4. Chocolates. 5. Champagne. 6. Lingerie. 7. Teddy bear. 8. Simple card. 9. Perfume. 10. CD.

For more information visit

About features the latest money saving offers from a growing range of retailers, all updated in real time. Designed to help consumers save money with both leading high street brands and specialist retailers, offers one of the widest choices of discounts available.

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Save money by having your washing machine repaired, says 0800 REPAIR

Appliance repairs company 0800 REPAIR has called on the UK public to consider the option of repairing their broken-down washing machines rather than replacing them.

0800 REPAIR is one of the leading repair companies in the UK, having the ability to repair all kinds of washing machine faults. This includes drum and door gasket replacements, blocked pumps, snapped belts, heating issues and spin cycle faults.

The company can also work on a number of different brands, so practically all makes and models of washing machine can be easily fixed by 0800 REPAIR. Everything from AEG to Zanussi washing machines can be repaired, and you can view the full list of brands that 0800 REPAIR can work with by looking on the official website.

0800 REPAIR employs qualified engineers that have all undergone additional training to ensure that they are able to carry out appliance repairs in line with the company’s standards. In order to save time for customers, 0800 REPAIR offers timeslot appointments for call-outs, so that customers can arrange their day around their washing machine repairs.

Paul Feek, Managing Director of 0800 REPAIR said: “We are able to provide washing machine repair throughout the UK, so no matter where you live we will be able to get an engineer out to you. Our special Code of Conduct ensures that engineers arrive on time and that they keep you in the loop concerning your repairs, as we believe this is incredibly important.

“Also, because we understand that times are tough, you can get fixed price labour from 0800 REPAIR to help you to save money in the long-run. This means that, when it comes to washing machine repair, it really is cheaper to come to 0800 REPAIR instead of rushing out and buying a new machine.”

To find out more about 0800 REPAIR’s washing machine repairs service, visit now.

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Parcel2Go backs findings of global parcel delivery survey

The UK’s largest online parcel delivery specialist has said it is unsurprised by the results of a recent study highlighting the growing importance of online delivery services.

A worldwide survey of 93 members of the Universal Postal Union showed that 70 per cent believe postal e-services are strategically important for the future. The research identified 55 different types of digital services which are now available, including track and trace and online bill payments.

According to Bolton-based Parcel2Go, which has been involved in helping businesses and individuals to organise international parcel services for over 20 years and is involved with the delivery of more than two millions parcels a year, demand for online services will continue to grow at a rapid rate.

Richard Mercer, marketing director at Parcel2Go, said the simplicity of arranging shipping services through the internet is one of the main appeals.

He said: “The results of the Universal Postal Union survey make interesting reading, but we’re not surprised to find that an increasing number of organisations are recognising the potential of online services.

“At Parcel2Go we have been focussed on bringing the latest online services to our customers for many years. Feedback tells us that online tools such as parcel tracking are highly valued by individuals, while for many business customers they have become invaluable.”

Richard added that as mobile devices such as tablet computers come to play an increasing part in people’s daily lives, demand for online courier services is only going to increase.

The survey put Switzerland at the top of the list in terms of overall e-services development, while the US, Canada and Germany all featured in the top ten. The Universal Postal Union said it was the first time it had surveyed its members on e-services, but added that this type of study will now be conducted on a regular basis.

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