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Never pay Security alarm monitoring fees again!

Jacksonville, FL, 2020-May-19 — /EPR Network/ — uSecureProp, LLC’s uSecurehome/biz device enables existing home/biz security systems to be easily converted to self-monitoring and never having to pay monthly monitoring fees again! Also for home owners who have an installed system but do not have a monitoring service.

Owners receive an alarm call, text and email with roll-over to back-up numbers and police, identical to the typical monitoring services.

Go to for additional information

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Black Friday: Is Thanksgiving Thursday 8pm Becoming The New Black Friday Midnight?

Black Friday is that time of the year in the US shopping calendar after Thanksgiving that sees thousands of shoppers flock retail outlets to take advantage of massive discounts that are offered for many items on sale. Its said Black Friday is the weekend that begins the Christmas shopping season in America.

Retails stores traditionally opened their doors on Friday after Thanksgiving but it seems with tough economic times and the pressure to increase sales, there has been a shift and more retail stores are beginning to open up their stores on Thanksgiving Thursday at around 8pm.

On October 14th Macy’s sent out a press release announcing that they will be opening up their nationwide stores at 8 p.m on Thanksgiving evening for the first time. The Cincinnati-based chain said they did this in response to interest from customers who prefer to start their shopping early.

Kohl’s Department Stores that operates 1,158 stores across the country announced on Monday 21st that their stores will be open for 28 hours straight – from 8 p.m Thursday, November 28 through midnight Friday nationwide.

J.C. Penney has also not been left behind among the big retailers opening business on Thanksgiving. They are doing so for the first time this year. Last year, companies that opened up on Thanksgiving night included Sears, Target, Toys R Us, Kmart and Walmart.

What have been the customer reactions to these changes? A visit to some of the retailers Facebook pages revealed interesting insights on what people thought Patti Simoes Burgess said, “I don’t like that they are going to make their employees work on Thanksgiving. Macy’s used to be my favorite store to go to for Black Friday when I lived in NY. Now I wouldn’t even consider shopping at one because of that. I boycott all stores on Thanksgiving that are open. Workers have a right to be with their families.”

Andrea Lindsey supported JCPenney’s move and said, “It is necessary, because at least in my area almost everyone else is doing the same thing, and in the retail world you have to be competitive.”

Greta Foose strongly disagreed with Kohl’s opening date saying, “The Stores have already commercialized the holidays enough without being open on Thanksgiving day. I will not be shopping with you.”

According to National Retail Federation, consumers will take a conservative approach to spending this holiday season. According to NRF’s holiday consumer spending survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, the average holiday shopper will spend $737.95 on gifts, décor, greeting cards and more, two percent less than the $752.24 they actually spent last year.

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Ace Sheds For The Gardens Of London

Ace Sheds are pleased to have their manufacturing facilities in Ashford in Kent which is on the doorstep of London and which can supply a full range of high quality garden sheds to the Capital City. There is a strong feeling that London is a concrete jungle and that gardens and hence garden sheds are an irrelevance. However the people of London will tell a very different story and whilst this might apply to a limited area of London, the vast area of Metropolitan London has an array of gardens that will surprise many a countryside visitor.

Ace Sheds are very proud to serve London with a range of garden sheds in London that can meet almost any requirement of the user, quickly and at a cost that is very cheap. Ace Sheds are very proud to note that the cost does not stop them producing a very high quality garden shed, which can be self-erected swiftly and easily by the owners of the property. Ace Sheds have recognised some of the individual requirements for the London shed and produce a range to meet that market place and if there any gaps they are only too pleased to discuss personal preferences and changes or even build a self-design shed.

Ace Sheds realise that the cycle is a major way of travelling in London, it is easier and often quicker that the car and of course is not subject to the Congestion charge. Keeping a cycle requires a storage area and Ace Sheds are proud to provide the London Bike Shed which stores the cycle safely and securely outside the house the size is small and will conveniently fit into a small space in the back garden. The London Bike Shed has been built with security in mind.

Storage is always going to be a major problem in London and the garden shed can provide a great storage facility in an area where household space is often at a premium and the cost of a solid building extension is very high and planning approval or practical space to install it is often impossible. Ace Sheds have realised this and provide very cost effective solutions. The Reigate Shed is one of the Ace Shed models, which are ideal for London. The shed provides good storage and is a security shed built to deter unwanted attention from prying eyes. Firstly the standard model has just one small window fitted up high and impossible for any person to access. It could even be removed if required. Ace Sheds are proud to have fitted tongued and grooved wooden sides that cannot be accessed without destroying the shed. The doors and its fittings are secure and Ace Sheds can fit a high quality locking system and can also provide a shed burglar alarm, which can be linked to alarm the owner at home.

Ace Sheds provide potting sheds for the gardener and a complete range of other applications and a quick look at their excellent website will show just how relevant the garden shed is to a London household.

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HappyFitMe Womens Health and Fitness Launches

HappyFitMe Women’s Health and Fitness, the fast and elegant online custom exercise and workout platform, today announced that it has launched its women’s fitness system to the general public.

With its mission of making women’s health and fitness about a sustainable focus on positive movement and happiness, goes beyond the traditional, fickle barometers of counting calories and inches. A first in the fitness industry, HappyFitMe offers a robust and simple interface allowing women to improve from wherever they are at in their fitness journey and provides inspiration, structure and fun in exercise.

HappyFitMe’s download-free interface lets users workout online from anywhere, and the platform is entirely free of the advertisements that plague other freemium workout solutions.

“HappyFitMe is the one place where everything you need for exercise to be fun and inspirational is tied together beautifully — fun custom workout routines, both step by step and video workouts, tracking and sharing with friends, computer and smart phone accessible – all in perfect harmony,” said Amber Taves, a subscriber to HappyFitMe. “The fact that I have access to a personal trainer as well is icing on the cake.”

HappyFitMe leverages the cloud to support its workout systems, and it’s this advantage that lets them offer a professional grade solution for nearly free.

HappyFitMe’s Key Benefits

  • Fun custom workout routines -  Matched to your ability, no equipment needed. Fresh Video and step by step workout routines.
  • Fitness for your schedule -  All the benefits of exercise to custom fit the time you have.
  • Share with Friends – Achieve goals -  Friends cheer you on, connect through Facebook & Twitter.
  • Personal Trainer -  Your Fitness Coach for support, advice or inspiration!
  • Online Workouts from anywhere -  No software, use any computer or smartphone.

“The big online women’s fitness systems known to most of us are old and tired, crowded by ads and pretend to be experts in everything from recipes to nutrition to exercise, while those offered by new startups don’t have the polish, reliability or features busy women need,” said Tammy Andreotti, president and co-founder, HappyFitMe. “We wanted to offer the most robust yet easy-to-use web fitness solution in the market without the headaches or the unwanted advertisements. Women just love it!”

How to Register for HappyFitMe
HappyFitMe is a fast and simple health and fitness platform made for women at any fitness level, free of charge for 30 days. It takes less than 60 seconds to sign up for an account and you can be starting your workout routines and sharing your fitness journey with friends and family in minutes. Register for a free HappyFitMe trial account at

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Help Spot and Avoid a Fake Mobile Phone for WCRD 2012

On World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) 2012, consumers worldwide are reminded that they have the power to make the right choice and avoid fake or knock off mobile phones.

“People can inadvertently purchase a fake or sub-standard phone, through no fault of their own, by trying to find a cheaper price for a phone – especially on the internet,” said Michael Milligan, Secretary General of the Mobile Manufacturers Forum (MMF).

“Everyone wants to be able to buy a product at a good price. But unscrupulous suppliers are exploiting that desire for a bargain to sell products that are not what they claim, or that are just poor quality and perhaps even dangerous. To help consumers identify and avoid these fake or knock-off phones, genuine manufacturers have created the www.spotafakephone.comwebsite.”

Most fake phones are counterfeit copies of genuine handsets, which steal intellectual property such as designs, technologies and trademarks to deliberately deceive consumers. Fake phones are also produced without government approval, safety testing or certification and are sold illegally on the world’s black markets.

“The global black market for fake handsets has grown rapidly over the past few years and is estimated to be in excess of 200 million devices every year,” Mr Milligan said.

“With counterfeiters imitating all facets of a phones appearance, including labeling, design and packaging, it can be hard to spot whether a phone is fake or genuine, so the mobile industry developed this website to help consumers identify fakes and make the right choice.”

“Often it is the sub-standard components, low quality manufacturing and poor performance that impact on consumers after they have already purchased a fake, especially in the area of consumer safety, and usually the consumer has no recourse with the supplier.”

“Another important benefit of buying a genuine phone is that original manufacturers stand behind the quality of their own products and provide important product warranties to consumers should problems arise after purchase.” Mr Milligan said

Consumers can do their part in helping to identify, report and avoid fake or knock off phones by going to:

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More Consumer press releases Uses Online Coupons To Help Support Local Charities

The popular website, which helps frugal shoppers find the best deals online, is now using the power of saving money to help charities in local communities across the country. Coupon Chief has recently adopted the mantra, “Saving is Giving” to promote what could be the next big thing when it comes to savvy shopping and supporting charitable causes. The new promotion is all about giving back to those in need, and encouraging shoppers to do more than just buy products online. With Coupons-4-Causes, the site promises to donate up to 20% of the purchase price every time shoppers use Coupon Chief’s online coupons.

The money-saving website has started a new trend in the industry with the introduction of a novel way to donate to local charities. With the Coupons-4-Causes program, shoppers are able to support their favorite charities every time they shop online. All visitors to the site have to do is shop using the site’s coupons, and Coupon Chief will automatically donate up to 20% of the purchase price to the charity of choice, whether it is a local charity, school, or church.

Online coupons provide a convenient way to save money when purchasing items such as clothing, jewelry, and more, but with this new cause shoppers also have the opportunity to help their communities every time they make a purchase – no matter what the item.

The site provides discount coupon codes for a wide range of different online stores, from big name brands to smaller operations. Coupon Chief sets itself apart from the competition through innovation, ease-of-use, and by providing visitors with a reliable service. Many coupon sites are difficult to navigate, unorganized, and make it almost impossible to search for great deals that haven’t already expired.

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Milanoo Scam Is Nothing but a Lie

If you are looking for quality dresses, then you will find your choice at Milanoo. Most customers are fond of the wholesale website as they find many different costumes and dresses. The prices are affordable and the quality of the dresses is very good. The website is visited by millions of people who like to shop online & not bothered by any milanoo scam. Customers come across their favorite dresses on It certainly saves them a lot of time and effort. They do not have to go to the market and search for the costumes they want. They can have anything they want at the click of a button and within seconds too. is different from other wholesaling websites that are there on the Internet. It has many product categories and focuses on each one of them in order to have maximum customer satisfaction. Among the product categories are: Catsuits, wedding dresses, club wear, women’s clothing etc and they are all very popular. The list of products is endless and one can get all the information on the company’s website. In today’s modern day life people are hard pressed for time and if they get to shop on it certainly saves them a lot of precious time.

Like so many other customers I too decided to buy my stuff from even though there were a plethora of options before me. My friends and acquaintances had a lot of praises for the website. I was not discouraged by the milanoo scam reports that were making so much of noise. I was a little skeptical thinking about how my buying experience would turn out to be. However, I decided to go ahead and take a chance myself. I am glad that I did because I enjoyed the whole shopping experience with I could find everything that I wanted on the website and was amazed at their service .It was prompt as always.

The milanoo scam is a lie. There are many customers like me who do not believe in the dubious reviews that are making the rounds on the Internet. The company website is very user friendly and takes care of the needs of the customers. The products can be viewed on the website and a person can buy them after checking the price and other details. The variety is mind boggling and it satisfies different customers equally. I found that they were prompt in their delivery and I got my things on time. I had no reason to complain whatsoever. The goods arrived at my door in good and impeccable condition. Do not pay heed to any milanoo scam and enjoy shopping.

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Blair Rewards Continues to Receive Criticism from the People with No Complaints

The former Prime Minister of England Tony Blair left office in 2007. He left behind him a legacy of individuals that were placed into position as a result of Blair rewards. Although there was criticism resulting in numerous Blair rewards complaints, there are still individuals and groups that benefited from his rewards, which will likely continue to grant him favor.

Not all individuals have Blair rewards complaints, as they were the beneficiaries of Tony’s program. Their careers were fast tracked as a result of providing Tony with favors. These groups and individuals are likely to continue holding the line for the former Prime Minister and provide assistance whenever they are called upon to do so.

Interestingly, there has been very little coverage of the individuals participating in blairrewards. This is perhaps because they are relatively little fish in a big pond. There is little media attention paid to minions while the master of puppets appeals to a greater audience.

The people remember the Blair rewards complaints and hopefully will no longer stand for another individual following the same means to an end. It may be that the means are really a side story. Blair rewards may not have been considered such a problematic issue if the end result was something a nation could be proud of.

The problem with the entire scenario is not so much the fact that blairrewards placed many individuals into positions for supporting Tony’s personal agenda. Rather, the problem is that the personal agenda was unable to be realized without thrusting a nation into an economic downturn.

There would likely be minimal blair rewards complaints had the political leader spurred on a new era of growth and prosperity for the country. In this case, a post political landfall of a few million pounds a year would seem justifiable and somewhat appropriate. Unfortunately, the accomplished politician was less capable to fulfill the multiple objective of helping the country and himself.

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Blair Rewards Program Membership Makes Cancellations As Easy As Pie

Blair Rewards is more popular than ever, and for good reason. While saving money is always a concern, we want to know that our money is being spent on products and services of high quality. This is never a worry when making a purchase through a Blair Rewards membership. The truth is that all the items offered are top of the line. When that is combined with a system that is completely user-friendly, how could anyone complain? They don’t. This is one of those unique programs that seem to satisfy the masses.

But before we get carried away with a discussion about the products offered through the Blair Rewards program, I want to discuss the basics of how the plan works. One of the important features is the trial period. This 30-day period allows new and potential members an opportunity to sample the wonderful offerings. During the trial period an individual can choose to cancel at anytime and will not be obligated in anyway. At the end of the trial period the membership is on a month to month basis. The appropriate fee will be billed to the designated billing source which was authorized by you.

Blair Rewards program membership allows you access to savings, discounts, and other benefits. Most members take advantage of purchasing travel and vacation packages through the plan. Members receive 10% cash back in reward earnings on these packages. But in addition to those fantastic packages members are always impressed with the gift card reward earnings of 20% back.

Cancellation, like other procedures of the program, is super easy. Of course, with all the benefits the Blair Rewards program has to offer you might wonder why anyone would even consider cancelling. The truth is that no matter how ideal a program is, it will not be right for everyone. Some people simply do not use the memberships that they belong to. So over time they discover that they have belonged to a program without using it. This means their monthly fees have been wasted.

That’s a shame really because blair rewards has so much to offer. But there are also other reasons to cancel the membership. Some people join the rewards program with a specific purpose in mind. They may be planning some travel time or perhaps they are simply in the market to make several purchases over a course of time. For these members, once the need has been met they are ready to rid themselves of the membership. Regardless of the reason for cancellation, Blair Rewards has streamlined the process. It really is as easy as pie.

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What Is Blair Rewards Program Honestly Showing the People

Public opinion is by its very nature transitory and subject to change, oftentimes on a dime. It seems as though the Blair rewards program played-out in favor of former Prime Minister Tony Blair and not the people. For those wondering, what is Blair rewards? It was essentially the term for how Tony Blair rewarded individuals for falling into line to support his personal agenda.

As Blair rewards became more and more apparent to the people, there was somewhat of a doubt as to whether or not it would have turned out to favor the needs of the people. As time went on it became clearer that the needs of the people were a secondary concern at best.

Presently, the result of the Blair rewards program has placed Tony Blair in a lucrative position while the population he was supposed to be leading is enduring an economic recession. It has become clear that question of what is blair rewards going to provide for the people is really next to nothing. Perhaps it is worse than nothing as the actions of the previous administration have resulted in economic despair.

With a post-political appointment worth millions of pounds a year the Blair rewards program is paying handsomely for Tony Blair. The cost to the people is hundreds of billions to trillions. Anyway one looks at it is truly a poor return on investment. In light of the current climate there is little anyone can say or do to remedy the situation.

What is Blair rewards doing in terms of providing a lesson to the people? Only time will tell if the general public will nip incumbent politicians in the bud should they decide to repeat history for their own agenda. Rather than simply complaining about the situation, perhaps it is best to provide stopgap solutions so abuse of positional power is mitigated.

Solutions to mitigate the potential continuation of a like Blair rewards program are somewhat encumbered by layer upon layer of bureaucracy. Perhaps the best defense against such instances is an unflinching media, which fights for what is right rather than what is popular and sells in the tabloids. Blair rewards is not a new concept, it is simply a modern-day manifestation of an individual seeking to further their own aims by leveraging the futures of many.

Blair rewards will likely continue in different forms for as long as there are people. In an age when there is so much potential that demonstrates how far we have come technologically, it is somewhat disappointing to discover that humanity is incredibly far behind socially. The future still holds great promise as there is still much to gain.

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Blair Rewards Membership Savings Benefits Make a Cancellation a Thing of The Past

A Blair Rewards membership is one of the easiest possible ways to insure that you will save money on your purchases. If you are like most people, your money doesn’t come so easily. In fact, most of us have worked hard to get wherever we are in life and we continue to do so daily in order to maintain our lifestyle. The problem is, the cost of living continues to go up and our income doesn’t. That means we have to be as innovative as possible when it comes to our finances. We all want the nicer things in life, but affording them is not always easy. As a member of the program, Blair Rewards offers us huge savings, discounts, and other benefits when we make purchases that we would be making anyway. It’s a true no-brainer that this is an easy way to save money while getting the things we want and need.

This easy saver program is unique because it not only offers the wonderful savings and discounts, but also, members are entitled to gift card reward earnings of 20% back and 10% back on vacation and travel packages. The Blair Rewards cancellation process can only be described as easy to use and liberal. But the real question is,‘Why would anyone cancel a membership in this fantastic program’. And the reality is that most people don’t cancel their membership. After all, we all enjoy saving money and getting quality products and services. Plus, with this program we are likely to find that we can afford some things that seemed out of reach before. Vacations are often at the top of that list.

The Blair Rewards membership couples convenience with savings opportunities. The fact is that you can make purchases online from participating merchants. If you are familiar with shopping online then you already know how convenient this is. Not only can you shop from home but you can shop at anytime, day or night. And each of these qualified purchases will result in Blair Rewards.

This is one of those exceptional programs that seems the more you learn about it the better it sounds. After discovering blair rewards membership other programs simply cannot compare in providing the many benefits and savings opportunities. Part of the appeal of the program is its simplicity. There is never a complicated process involved. Whether you are joining or for some odd reason you want to cancel your membership, the process is always easy and quick.

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Blairrewards Program Has Many Benefits Including How To Make A Cancellation The Right Way

About a year ago, a friend and I learned of the savings offered through the Blair Rewards program. We signed up for the 30-day trial membership and immediately began saving money in all areas of our lives. I had a knack for finding the best deals on everyday purchases, while she used her BlairRewards membership on bigger ticket items such as electronics and vacation packages. When her husband recently lost his job, she questioned whether or not to continue her membership or to request a Blair Rewards program cancellation. We discussed how she had been using her Blair Rewards to save money, and I realized that she was missing out on several opportunities. She even turned me onto a way to save with Blair Rewards that I had not yet tried. Combined, our ideas would more than cover the low monthly fee.

Gift Cards – This is one area where I found significant savings that she had not explored. I buy gift cards to all of my favorite stores through BlairRewards. I then receive 20 percent cash back from the program. That gives me a 20 percent off savings at all of the places where I regularly shop. I even use the gift cards for their original purpose, as gifts. Who doesn’t love getting a gift card, so that they can pick out their own present.

Movie Tickets – This is another area about which I was able to enlighten my friend. She had decided to cancel her weekly date night with her husband to save money, until he was working full time again. I told her that through Blair Rewards, I was able to purchase blocks of movie tickets ahead of time at up to 50 percent off. Now she does the same, instead of purchasing them at the theater box office. We also appreciate that BlairRewards doesn’t impose an unreasonable limit on the amount of movie tickets you can buy annually. Through the program, you can purchase up to 100 tickets per year. With this benefit, she has her weekly date night covered.

Prescription medications – Here is a Blair Rewards savings opportunity that I had yet to take advantage of, but she had. She receives up to 55 percent off of the prescription medications she and her husband need each month. With the cost of prescription medications rising every day, this is one blairrewards perk that she realized she can’t give up now that her husband won’t have access to affordable health insurance.

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Blair Rewards Continues to Fill Tony’s Pocket Book with Hardly No Complaint from The People

It is amazing how democratic nations allow their leaders to use their money to set themselves up for future prosperity while tanking the economy. The people of the UK are apparently apathetic to their present condition as a result of Blair rewards. For a time there were a few voices that waged Blair rewards complaints. However, that has all blown over as former Prime Minister Tony Blair knew it would.

As an increasingly global population, there seems to be a lack of the spirit that is spoken of throughout history. Perhaps the history books are essentially glorified accounts of the same state of apathy that is apparent today.

It could be well postulated that Blair rewards could have gone in a different direction. Ideally, one would hope that political leaders would place individuals into positions for the benefit of the country. Additionally, one would hope that they would lavishly entertain individuals that would be influential to promoting long-term prosperity of the country.

In business, a similar type of Blair rewards is commonplace. However, if the benefit does not come back to the business and only promotes the individual, then the individual’s position is in jeopardy given the assumption that it is a well-run business. The somewhat lack of Blair rewards complaints by the people of the UK is perhaps a result of the government being too far removed from the populous.

It is difficult to say how progress can be made when there is only fickle action taken by the population. Perhaps the role of the individual in regards to governance is becoming more distant. Perhaps an explanation of the tone of Blairrewards complaints is a result of an ever-increasing void between the population and the government.

Although individuals are in a state with ever-increasing information, the information paradox states that those in position to leverage it can and will and those not in positions to leverage it will not. The result is an ever-increasing void between the government and the people. Regarding Blair rewards, it may be viewed simply as an insignificant matter. Given the present state of the general population’s financial position and Tony Blair’s financial position, it is somewhat curious that there are not more Blair rewards complaints voiced by the people.

Moving forward from Blair rewards it will be interesting to witness the next generation of politicians leveraging a nation to promote their personal ambitions. It appears that the environment is ripe for such an occurrence and it will be a good test of people to measure the number of complaints.

Bobby Blair is a freelance writer concerned with the increasing gap between government and the population. Based on the evidence of little to no blair rewards complaints by the populous, there appears to be an approval by failure to act. The result is an open ticket for other individuals to begin their own

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Consumer Protection Institute (CPI) Announces DebtResponseâ„¢

Consumer Protection Institute (CPI) announces DebtResponseâ„¢ – its new web-based solution that protects consumers in debt collection. DebtResponseâ„¢ fills the widening communication gap between debt-stressed consumers and third-party debt collectors by enabling rapid, reliable and optimized responses to debt collector communications at low-cost.


DebtResponse™ removes the embarrassment, confusion, paralysis and confrontations associated with responding to debt collectors–whether demanding they stop contact or challenging collector claims.

“DebtResponse is a timely answer to a growing need, and is aligned with President Obama’s plans to address the United States’ credit card industry and improve the financial health of our citizens. Educational webcasts; an informative blog; and expansion to Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain and Brazil are in the planning stages.” stated Steven Sussman, President of CPI.

Founded in 2008, Consumer Protection Institute is the leader in web-based response solutions for debt-stressed consumers.

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Beware Of Fraudulent Web Sites Selling Fake Extagen Capsules Causing Major Health Scares In Consumers

Jason Stephenson proudly announces the launch of his new Extagen capsules website at which explores the shocking truth about fraudulent Extagen capsules and why they do not work. He also reviews genuine Extagen supplements and answers questions about their efficiency.

“Men have been looking for an effective way to enlarge their penis size for many years,” said Jason. Unfortunately, up until recently, men have had no real solution to this problem. The introduction of Extagen to the market changed all that, and men finally had an answer to penis enlargement. Shortly thereafter, the fraudulent capsules were manufactured and simply did not work.

This has put men at a disadvantage when they are looking for real capsules that truly deliver what they promise.

“It is necessary for men to use due diligence when researching Extagen capsules. Men need to select their Extagen pills f r o m a website that promotes only genuine Extagen capsules that are manufactured and distributed f r o m the official company website only. Fraudulent Extagen capsules are a scam. is an authorized promoter of original Extagen, which is the only Extagen product that works.

Why is the market being flooded with fake Extagen pills?

“Extagen has proven itself to be the leader in penis enhancement products,” explained Jason. “When a product works it gets copied. Extagen capsules have been able to increase the penis size in men. They can increase both the length and girth of the penis, and help with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction as well.”

Jason conducted extensive research of many of the penis enhancement pills available on the Internet. He studied the price factor, the ease of use and the effectiveness of the pills.

Jason concluded that only genuine Extagen capsules could give men the results they were looking for at the cheapest price and in a short period of time. He also discovered that they were completely safe to take and that consumers experienced no dangerous side effects f r o m their use.

Most men are not happy with their penis size anymore, and one out of every ten men worldwide suffers f r o m erectile dysfunction. These statistics are increasing yearly as the male population accepts sexual dysfunction as a problem that can be discussed and helped. In fact, more and more men are actively searching the Internet for herbal male enhancement supplements such as Extagen.

Men are looking for a safe alternative treatment for their sexual dysfunction problems. Manufactured in an FDA approved manufacturing facility, Extagen is a natural supplement containing powerful herbs that increase the blood flow to the penis. This increases the penis size and makes erections firmer and much more sustainable. These herbs have been used for many years with excellent results.

Extagen has proven itself by giving men back their sexual freedom. 

“I used to have an average size and average performance,” said one user. “ Extagen capsules raised my performance level and I now feel as though I could go on for hours. If only my partner could keep up with me. These capsules work.”

To get more information and read testimonials about authentic Extagen Capsules, that will help treat erectile dysfunction problems and enlarge your penis size Visit

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More Consumer press releases Is Designed To Offer The Latest Offers And Discount Codes From Hundreds Of Stores

With finances tight after Christmas and the credit crunch showing no sign of slow down, a new website offering discounts from hundreds of UK stores has been launched to help consumers get more for their money. offers savings at a growing range of leading high street brands and specialist stores including John Lewis, Tesco, Comet and Boots, all redeemable online. Current savings include £100 off a Samsung digital camera at Currys, £90 off a Tannoy i30 iPod speaker system at, and 20% off Radley bags and purses at John Lewis.

Consumer demand for discount codes has soared over the last 12 months – with online searches for discount vouchers up by over 100%. The problem to date has been that sites fail to keep their offers updated, resulting in old out of date offers and wasted time for visitors. is updated in real time, with a dedicated team continually sourcing, checking and updating the latest offers from merchants across the UK. The result is an easy to use site that can quickly be searched by store name, latest deals, and most popular offers.

Gareth Robinson, Marketing Director for, says: “In the current economic climate it really is best practice to shop around and make the most of any discounts available. Savvy shoppers have been quick to enjoy the benefits of discount vouchers, but the problem has been that many sites featured out of date offers. The savings on are checked and updated in real time, meaning they are readily available and easy to access, making for a far better shopping experience.”

The site has been developed by web specialist ASAP Ventures, which owns a growing range of websites including leading car hire comparison site; accommodation listings directory; and

To get the latest discounts and offers from brands including Comet, Amazon, John Lewis, Tesco, Boots and more

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Welcome to EPR Consumer News

EPR Consumer News is a new blog, part of EPR Network, that is going to be focused on and will be covering the consumer news and stories from press releases published on EPR Network.

EPR Network (EPR stands for express press release) is one of the nation’s largest press release distribution networks on Web. The EPR’s nationwide network includes 12 State based PR sites, one major PR forum and a number of industry specific PR blogs and what started as a hobby on Internet years ago turned out to be a rapidly growing business today. EPR Network is also known as one of the most trusted (human optimized, published, edited and monitored, spam/scam/low quality PR content free) PR sites on the web with more than 10,000 company and individual press releases distributed per month. EPR Network is putting your press releases on top of all major search engines’ results and is reaching thousands of individuals, companies, PR specialists, media professionals, bloggers and journalists every day.

EPR Network has thousands of clients around the world including global 500 corporations like Hilton Hotels, Barclays Bank, AXA Insurance, Tesco UK, eBay/Skype, Emirates, just to name a few. The network’s PR web sites are currently reaching from 150,000 to sometimes 500,000 unique visitors per month while our viral reach could possibly go to as much as 1M people per month through our presence across various social media sites. EPR Network was established in 2004 and as of May 2008 it had more than 800,000 press releases (pages) published on its network.

If you have a press release to be distributed, you can do it over here: press release distribution